Things to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Gate

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An automated gate system can be a worthy and reliable investment. Increased security and property value are among the many benefits these gates can bring. You may already be thinking about installing one of these systems, in which case you will want to know the steps that lead to completion. Before choosing and installing your electric gate, there are several important things to consider, from how much space you have to the type of access required. Selecting the perfect system is paramount to your overall satisfaction of the finished article. In this blog, we are taking a look at the most crucial things to consider when deciding on products and other features.


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How Will Your Gates be Used?

Firstly, it is vital to give thought to exactly how your gates will be used. How often is access needed? For example, many domestic properties only require entry and exit on a few occasions in a day. During the week, it’s usually to leave for work or the school run and then in the evening to arrive home. Consequently, this will affect the motor and style of access system required. A commercial property, one that requires higher levels of access or if access needs to be gained when there is no one present at the property will all carry different requirements. For more information on access control systems, we take an in-depth look in our blog on the Types of Access Control System for an Automated Gate. In extension to this, it is useful to consider who will be needing access. The amount of people requiring frequent entry is likely to influence your choice of access control system.


How Much Space do You Have?

There are many solutions for those who have limited space, or specific requirements in the area where the gates will be installed. Gates must be able to open freely of any obstacles such as trees, walls, parking areas and steps.

Swing Gate – A traditional style of automated gate, swing gates need an arc equal to the width of the gate to move freely.

Bi-Fold  - As they open, bi-fold gates fold in half at the middle. Consequently, they use about half the space of a swing gate.

Sliding Gates – these take up less space in the sense that they only need enough space on either side and not in front of the gates. The area sliding gates slide into must be slightly longer than the gates themselves. Telescopic, bi-parting and round corner sliders are all types of sliding electric gates that can be used in a reduced space.


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What is the Best Material and Design?

There is a vast range of colour, style and material combinations to choose from. While design can mostly be down to personal preference, you may want to consider the overall style of your property and the wider street as a whole. You may want to let this influence your decision as choosing the right style will help to complement your home. Again, the material used may be largely down to preference; however, it is useful to know that different materials will require alternative levels of maintenance. For example, wood, steel and iron gates offer a certain level of luxury and prestige. However, these elements are susceptible to slow degradation over time. Gates of this type may require a higher level of maintenance than aluminium, which is naturally corrosion-resistant. A special finish can be applied to aluminium gates which can further increase their longevity. 


Who Will Install and Maintain the Gates?

Poorly installed automated gates can be dangerous and end up costing you a great deal of money. It is essential to find a professional installer who will not only ensure your gates are the perfect fit, but also be on hand to provide a proper maintenance service. Here at Linkcare, we can recommend trusted and professional installers around the UK. Head to this page on our website and fill out some details.


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Linkcare provides kits and accessories for electric gates from trusted, high-quality suppliers. Our website supports plenty of options for a wide variety of spaces. To view our full range of automated sliding gates and more, browse our website. For further information, please feel free to call us on 01895 232 626.

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