Types of Access Control Systems for an Automated Gate

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One of the benefits of an automated gate system is increased security. This benefit is partly due to an access control system. By having control over who can access your property through the gates, you are allowing yourself to tailor visitors. You can open to only those who have authorized access, such as family and maintenance workers. When appropriately used, access control systems are a useful and secure addition to your property. There are several options available, depending on what for and where your automated gate system will be placed.



infographic showing types of access control system


Most access systems are suitable for all types of property. However, it is worth checking to see the options that are available to find which one is best suited to you.



A popular option for many homes and commercial premises, keypads are an economical method of access. Some systems allow for multiple codes for access so users can choose their own numbers. There may also be the option to manage a keypad system remotely, meaning access codes can be added or removed instantaneously from anywhere in the world. There is also the possibility of keeping a log to show who has used the code at which time.

Simpler systems require some more local management to record, change or remove codes. One of the benefits of keypads is that they are incredibly useful to allow access to multiple occupiers and visitors, without the inconvenience or expense of issuing cards or fobs.



These systems offer a high level of security because of the human element required to allow access. Intercom systems are widely used in all types of installations; they allow the identification of visitors before they are permitted to enter. Intercoms can be audio-only or include a video link to allow visual verification of the caller. Depending on the type of system chosen, intercoms may communicate only within the property on which they are installed, or communicate via GSM or the internet to anywhere in the world. Remote managers can control access, or homeowners can have control, as long as they have internet access.


Proximity Cards

Useful to allow for frequent access from multiple people. This type of access is often used instead of, or alongside a keypad system, meaning the usage type is often similar. As an advantage over a keypad, the card or fob must be present to gain access, whereas a code can be easily reiterated. Just as with keypads, some systems are designed to be managed only locally, and some can be maintained over the internet.


Vehicle Detection

To allow access for individual vehicles, a similar, but a more sophisticated type of proximity card can be placed in the vehicle to trigger a sensor that opens a gate. A more advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system can be installed. These systems will always require connection to a database that will require some management to ensure that only authorised vehicles are granted automatic access. While becoming more affordable in recent years, vehicle detection can still be an expensive method of access. As such, they are generally only for use in high volume access applications such as carparks and industrial sites.


Mobile Phone Access

Developments in smartphone technologies have allowed for the growth of access via a mobile phone. This can be done through a calling unit that is programmed to recognise the number that is calling and opens the gate automatically. The call is never actually answered therefore incurring no call charges for this method. Alternatively, some systems allow mobile devices to open the gates via WiFi and Bluetooth from a short distance.


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