How Reliable Are Electric Gates?

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How reliable are electric gates


There’s a wide variety of electric gate system manufacturers and each has their own range of swing gate motors and sliding gate motors. Some are more expensive than others, so is a cheaper electric gate option worth the saving?


Every electric gate system is bespoke. The combination of gates, automation system, location, weather, gate use requirements are all unique to your installation.


You may have heavy steel or hardwood gates or lighter aluminium gates. You may need to open and close your gates many times during a day or just a handful of times. There may be strong winds that sometimes blow on the face of your gates. It may rain regularly and your driveway sits lower on the water table.


All these factors, and more, dictate the type of gate motors that you will need. You also have a choice with swing gates that includes articulated arm, ram, underground and in-post motors.


So, is a cheaper gate manufacturer’s kit up to the job? Are all electric gate motors equally reliable? As with many things, you get what you pay for with gate automation. High usage, heavy gates or strong winds will all require stronger (and more expensive) motors. Lighter gates, lower frequency of operation and sheltered environments mean less powerful (and less expensive) motors can be used.


But whatever the budget that you have for adding electric gates to your home, you must build in a gate service budget. Electric gates are machines and they need annual, bi- or even tri-annual servicing to keep them working properly. Failure to service electric gates brings many possible issues and potential breakdowns. These can include:


  • Flooded underground motor housing and the resulting motor failure
  • Seized hinges
  • Debris in mechanisms that accelerates wear
  • Gate issues where wooden gates contract and expand depending on the weather
  • Rust or rot depending on what the gate is made from
  • Seized, noisy or worn sliding gate wheels and track
  • Bent or broken swing gate arms, brackets or rams
  • Gate motors failing with the gates closed, open or somewhere in between
  • Seized manual release mechanisms that won’t operate when you need them to open your gates
  • Failure or misalignment of safety components such as photocells
  • Damage from vehicle impact
  • Slugs and other creepy crawlies getting into control boxes and wrecking control panels.


You wouldn’t drive your car with ensuring that the brakes, engine and fuel systems were all working safely. It’s the same with electric gates.


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