3 Benefits of Underground Gate Automation

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Once you’ve made the decision to install an automated gate system, you may find yourself faced with an extensive range of options. Electric gates come in all shapes with a huge variety of different motors and styles. The choice you make will depend on a wide range of factors as each kit has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering underground motors, we have some more information to help you make your decision. 


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What is Underground Gate Automation?

Underground gate automation is a form of swing gate automation. The only difference is, for a swing gate, the articulated arm motor, ram motor or linear screw motor attached to the gate is visible, whereas the motor for underground automation is concealed underground. The gate hinge is connected directly to the motor, the arm and the motor turns to open or close the gate.


There are several benefits to underground automation over above ground swing gate automation:


Discreet and Aesthetically Pleasing 

Other than the top of the foundation box and the arm that connects the gate to the motor, none of the mechanism is on display with underground automation. This makes underground gate automation systems highly discrete. The most common use for underground automation is in residential applications, however, they may also be used commercially. Many homeowners choose underground automation if they have spent a lot of money and consideration on the perfect gate, and don’t want obvious automation affecting their chosen look. 


Secure and Resistant to Vandalism

As they are underground, these motors are naturally tamper-proof. All automated gate systems are more secure than the manual equivalent as the lack of visible components means they are less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals. You can read more about gate security in our blog, How Secure are Electric Gates?


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Wider Opening Angles

Above ground, swing gate automation relies on an articulated arm or fixed ram arm to open and close the gate. These arms can move the gates through a limited arc, which means they can only be opened up to a certain point. Should you require a larger opening angle, underground kits can be fitted with a chain drive as an additional extra. These can open the gates up to 180° from their starting point. This can be useful where a driveway bends on the inside, and the gates need to open to a wider angle.



Underground gate automation does have a higher installation cost. However, this is primarily due to the necessary groundworks to create the foundation pits and suitable drainage. They also need to be carefully aligned during installation. Another possible disadvantage is created if the installation is in an area regularly exposed to high winds. Underground automation works from the gate pivot point, meaning greater forces are exerted on the motor and linkages in such conditions. Finally, it is also highly important that sufficient drainage is provided to prevent rain water from gathering in foundation boxes. Any underground gate motor that sits in water for more than half an hour is much more likely to fail. While a professional gate installer will ensure the correct drainage system is applied, it is important to ensure your chosen installer is sufficient.


At Linkcare, we sell a wide range of gate automation products from underground motors to aluminium gates. We can also recommend trusted installers, not only for underground automation but for all types of electric gate kits, wherever you are in the country. Please browse our website further or call us for more information on 01895 232 626.


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