How Secure Are Electric Gates?

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How secure are electric gates?


Can Electric Gates Be Forced Open?


Electric gates give you the ability to close your gates without much effort. If you don’t have gates, there’s nothing to close. With manual gates, you have to open and close them by hand every time you leave and come home. Most people do this for the first few weeks and then get bored and leave them open. With electric gates, you push a button and they open. You drive in and they close behind you. And that’s the main benefit – they are closed when you want them to be closed.


Are Electric Gates Secure?


So, what security do closed gates offer? Well, if they are fully boarded, they offer a degree of privacy as no-one can see through them. They also represent a physical boundary; an extension of any walls or hedges around your property. No-one can simply walk up your drive and have whatever access they want to your home and garden while your children play in it or you mow the lawn.


There’s also a warning that someone would like to come onto your property before they arrive at your front door and ring the bell. With audio or video intercoms, you can hear and see who is at your gate and decide who gets access and who doesn’t.


But what if someone really wants to get onto your property? Are electric gates strong enough to stop them? What if they ram your gates in a van? Will that stop them? In short, it’s unlikely that they will as anyone applying a force on swing gates as far from the hinges as possible has leverage on their side.

Magnetic locks at the opening edges and ground latches and locks can help but a lot of force can be applied by a vehicle with many horsepower multiplied significantly by the benefits of leverage.


Electric gate maglock


Sliding gates present a slightly different obstacle as they have to be pushed off their track and out of supporting carriers. The alternative is to somehow push them back along their tracks against the gate motor’s gearing.


Anyone who has a high security requirement should consider additional security installations such as rising bollards behind their electric gates. However, if the point is to control access to the property as completely as possible, the entire perimeter has to be made intruder-proof. This is a serious situation that requires occupants to live behind high walls and razor wire.



Rising bollards as added security for automatic gates


For anyone who isn’t likely to be kidnaped and held to ransom or who hasn’t just won the lottery, Electric gates provide general security and privacy and they help you control who comes onto your property.

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