What's Wrong With Wooden Gates?

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Why Wooden Gates Are Not As Popular As They Used To Be


Gates made from traditional materials such as wood look great. But they require a lot of maintenance to stay looking great or they go grey, paint or varnish starts to flake and eventually, they start to rot.  Suddenly, the beautiful wooden gate is a grubby, rotting eyesore. But what’s the alternative? What can look as good as wooden gates without the pain of high maintenance?Wooden gate problems with rot

  • Aluminium gates are strong, beautiful and free from rot or rust.
  • Aluminium is light, easy to cut and shape, can be welded, bonded, riveted or bolted together into a limitless variety of creative and ingenious styles. You could choose a recognised design or take the opportunity of express your own unique style. It also provides years of low-to-no maintenance in all weathers.
  • Looks Like Wood
  • But if you like old-school, Aluminium gates also benefit from a wide variety of finishes including various stunning wood effects.
  • Your Aluminium gates can easily be cut, formed and assembled to look just like stylish full grain wooden gates.
  • Lasting Colour

The range of long-lasting colours is almost unlimited such as grey, green, white, blue and black…  Aluminium gates will also not rust, rot, twist or warp. All they require is a periodic wiping down with water to maintain their beauty.

So you can spend your summer enjoying your gate, not painting it.

Aluminium gates designed to look like wood
Longevity of Aluminium Gates

Linkcare’s aluminium gates come with a ten year guarantee.  This is because Linkcare supplies Aluminium gates with a surface coating that provides the finished design and look of your chosen gates but also gives them an incredibly tough protective layer. These finishes all meet the strict requirements of the Qualicoat quality standard for aluminium coatings.


They‘re Light So They’re Safer

Aluminium is light and this means that less force from your gate motors is required to open and close the gates making them safer and more economical.
Aluminium Gates Are Strong
Aluminium alloys are light and strong.  In fact, Aluminium is stronger than steel or wood gates with the same weight.  

This means they also don’t need hinges and locks capable of dealing with heavier gates.

Impressive aluminium gates
Aluminium Works Out Cheaper In The Long Run

Considering longevity, low maintenance and purchase price, aluminium gates provide one of the best value gate materials available.
Aluminium is the best choice for automatic gates.


Compared to other materials chosen for gates, aluminium is the best option for an automated gate:
•    Lighter
•    Easier to install
•    Safer to use
•    Easier to maintain
•    Great styles and finishes