Why Electric Gates Are Great For Your Business

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If you are considering installing electric gates for your business, you may be wondering if the cost is worth it. With several benefits to adding an automated gate system, we are taking a closer look to help you decide.


What Type of Business Do You Own?

Firstly it’s important to assess whether you have the kind of business that would benefit from an electric gate system. The answer is usually fairly straightforward; any company that is fenced off or has a driveway or carpark could find this system helpful. Particular businesses that benefit include care homes, hotels, riding schools, farms and wedding venues. 


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You Get Added Security

Automated gates provide extra security to your business in many ways. The gates act as a physical deterrent to thieves by providing an additional barrier to entry for their vehicles. They can also obscure the view of the inside of the property, meaning assets of your business are hidden from view. Furthermore, including an access control system such as an intercom or keypad means you can determine who is allowed to enter your premises. For more in-depth details have a look at our other blog on How an Automated Gate Increases Privacy and Security.


Added Security Means Increased Privacy


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As an addition to any increased security provided, your electric gates will add an element of privacy to your business. This could further enhance the appearance of, for example, a country house hotel. The gates will provide the impression of exclusivity for guests to know that special access is required.


You Could Save Money

With the added security benefits in mind, some insurance companies offer a reduced insurance premium for businesses with electric gates, as the risk of a break-in is reduced. Furthermore, the automatic operation of gate systems makes opening and closing them easier. When compared to a manual gate, on average, automated gates spend more time closed and secure. With this in mind, this might also help you save on additional security such as guards and CCTV.


It Adds a Touch of Professionalism

By using an access control system such as an intercom, gate remote or keypad, you are increasing the professional style of your business. By allowing people to enter at the touch of a button or with a secure code, you are reducing the time spent by visitors waiting for someone to come and unlock the gates manually. This may also save you time and money if you find yourself, or your staff are waiting around for visitors. Anybody gaining access to your property will have peace of mind knowing that they and their vehicles are safe. This gives them more time to focus on the reason they are there, whether it’s to enjoy a holiday or secure a business deal.


It Can Strengthen Your Brand


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You can choose from a range of colours, styles and materials to establish your businesses brand before clients or customers have even entered the premises. First impressions are crucial and an elegant exterior with clear branding can significantly enhance this.


You Can Say Goodbye to Door-to-Door Salespeople

An often unwanted distraction can be visits from door salespeople. With the above benefits you can stop these from gaining access to your front door, giving you more time to focus on your business.


It Increases Value

The visual appeal of an automated gate system will combine with the overall aesthetic of your property to naturally increase the sale value. Electric gates are an appealing prospect to potential new buyers. Should you come to sell your business, electric gates will give your business a desirable edge.

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