Who Makes Automatic Gates Unsafe?

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Who makes electric gates unsafe


We all know that things like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for thirty years, and driving at 80mph in a built-up area are dangerous, but many people still ignore the dangers.

Gate automation can also be incredibly dangerous but not many people know why or how these dangers exist.


Part of our job is to shine a spotlight on dangerous electric gates and educate everyone about the hazards. But when it comes to electric gate safety, who is to blame for unsafe gates?


It’s very easy to point the finger at the installer when automatic gates are proven to be unsafe. But anyone with an involvement in the specification, design, assembly, installation and even the use of automatic gates has the potential to introduce an element of danger.


The following list covers the different people who could be involved in some part of creating, maintaining and using electric gates. These could be installed at the entrance to a domestic driveway, apartment complex, business premises or other retail, commercial or industrial site.



Could specify and design the layout and positioning of electric gates in new premises or redevelopments.


Quantity Surveyors

Likely to source any specified gate for commercial or industrial use.


Developer/Building Company

Could possibly change specifications or plans without confirming adherence to safety guidelines.


Electric Gate Installers

Should all be aware of and fully implement safety recommendations for each unique set of circumstances.



Responsible for electrical supply to the gate site and possibly the person who completes and commissions an electric gate installation.


Insurance Surveyor

Will need to know how an electric gate’s design, installation and use could represent a safety hazard.


Gate or Estate/Property Management

Any organisation and personnel responsible for day-to-day management has a duty of care to ensure all equipment under their management is safe.


Owners and Users of Electric Gates

The owner of any electric gates needs to ensure that they are maintained to a standard that ensures they are as safe as when newly installed.

All users of electric gates should be educated about the gates’ proper use and then not use the gates in an unsafe way.


Suddenly, the list that originally just had the gate installer on it is much longer. Many people have a role to play in assuring that electric gates can be as safe as possible. Lack of knowledge should not be an excuse for anyone to supply unsafe gates or allow the unsafe use of gates.


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