What is an Automatic Gate?

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Automated gates can also be known as electric gates or, and the terms can be applied to any gate that is opened and closed using an electronically controlled mechanism. Various types of mechanism are available, as are multiple options for styles and materials. Used in a variety of applications, automated gate technology has many benefits. For those looking for more information, the following article explains the basics of electric gates.


What are Automated Gates Used for?

Widely used commercially and domestically, the main reason someone might choose to install automated gates is to ensure they are normally closed, as manual gates are often left open due to the difficulty of opening on re-entry. As a result, they are often used as an aid to increase privacy and security. An electric gate may also be installed at a property as an investment. For both home and business, automated gates can be aesthetically pleasing and contribute to a feeling of quality and exclusivity. A company may choose to add an electric gate for security reasons, as the careful choice of access control system allows them to monitor and control who has access to the property and when. In addition, with many styles and colours to choose from, gates can be used to help strengthen a brand and help a business to stand out from the crowd.


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What Kinds of Gate are Available?

The electric gate system used will ultimately depend on a range of factors such as space. The following is a list of popular types of gate automation and their possible reasons for use:
Swing gates – a popular style of automation, swing gates can be operated by a large range of systems ram style motors, articulated arm motors and underground operators.
Sliding gates – are useful in a situation where limited space does not allow for swing gates. Sliding gates operate either on a track or suspended as part of a cantilever system. Similar to sliding gates are bi-parting gates, which can further reduce space requirements. We have additional information on gate systems here.


Who Can Install Them?

Gate automation can be bought in ‘kits’ which may lead some people to believe they can automate them themselves. While this is possible, gate automation is a technical job and is best left to a professional installation company. There are several reasons for this:
·     The right installation company can also give reliable advice to its customers. There are many factors to consider when purchasing an automated gate system, and it’s good to rely on a company you trust for information and support.
·     Poor installation can increase the risk of accident or injury due to safety features not being correctly implemented.
·     A competent installer will ensure gates are put in with the utmost care and attention, making sure they are hung straight, and the control system is installed correctly. Furthermore, the installer will ensure all mechanisms and the accompanying electrical elements are suitably protected from the elements.
.     Aftercare of automated gates is important, and a credible installation company will ensure proper aftercare in the form of servicing and maintenance.


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Who Needs an Automated Gate?

As previously mentioned, there are a great deal of reasons why a property may benefit from an automated gate system. First and foremost, electric gates are incredibly convenient. Not having to get in and out of a vehicle to open and close gates can be useful, especially for those who are disabled, have young children, or live in an area prone to bad weather. Another great reason is there is a wide variety of access control systems available. Choosing the right access control system means users can have much better control over who is being granted access to the property. With some systems, this can even be when they are away from the property. If electric gates are kept well maintained, they can also be a great investment which can increase the value of a business or home.


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