The Real Reasons To Choose Solar Power

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The Real Reasons To Choose Solar Power for gate automation


Linkcare is a leading supplier of all gate automation and access control kits, parts, motors and accessories. This includes solar power panels, batteries and components for installations where it may be difficult or inefficient to provide cabled electrical supply.


The combination of solar panels and battery storage allows light use of gate automation and access control systems where cable runs are either difficult, very long or uneconomical.


At Linkcare, we stock solar power kits and components from leading manufacturers including Nice, Beninca and Daitem. We can supply photovoltaic panels, rechargeable battery storage packs, mounting options and cables.


Recent advancements in solar power have enabled these systems to become more efficient but they still rely on the same principles. Energy from the sun falls onto solar panels and these convert it to electricity which is stored in battery packs. When the gate automation, entry system, photocells and other devices are activated, they draw current from the batteries rather than a mains supply.


Solar power systems like these allow remote access points to be controlled with modern gate automation and access control. Sufficient energy can be provided as long as the work cycle of the automation is not intensive and sufficient sunlight falls on the solar panels.


If you have any questions about the suitability or installation and implementation of solar power for your gate automation and access control, contact Linkcare and talk to one of our experts. Call 01895 232626 or visit and see our range of gate automation solar power options.

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