Six Benefits of an Automated Swing Gate

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When it comes to choosing a gate option for your home or business, more people are now looking for an automatic gate system to fulfil their needs. There are plenty of reasons for the growing popularity of electric gates and automated gate systems, meaning that they are quickly becoming the preferred option for many clients. Take a look at some of the key features that make automated swing gates the ideal choice for a range of purposes.


Ease of Access


One of the main attractions of having an automated swing gate is the ease with which they can be used compared to manual gates. If a home has a large, manually-opened gate, then it can sometimes be challenging to operate, particularly for younger or older people. This physical need is compounded in testing weather conditions; nobody wants to be outside in the pouring rain trying to pull an old gate open!


An automated swing system can cope with the weight or tension created by certain gates, making once awkward entrances a breeze. Moreover, a remote-controlled system can add further comfort, particularly for driveways, allowing users to open and close the gate without having to leave their car. It is worth noting that, if space is limited, other automatic gate options may be more preferable than swing gates. Discover more in our other blog concerning automatic gates for limited space.


An automatic swing gate at the end of a country lane



The safety and security of premises is often one of the major decision-making factors for businesses when considering the correct gate for their needs. When it comes to adding that extra bit of protection, automated swing gates are often the number one choice.


Of course, for reliable security, any entrance system has to be coupled with further perimeter fencing. However, in terms of gate options, a dependable automated swing gate provides that extra peace of mind. 



Over the last few decades, automatic operation across the home has always been seen as a touch of elegance, adding sophistication to any property. This sense of luxury is what makes automatic gate systems increasingly popular amongst large homeowners. Whether it’s an old country home or a modern city complex, an automatic swing gate provides the finishing touch to any property’s exterior.


A pattern on a metal gate



A key point for many businesses when it comes to choosing their entrance system is the image it gives off to potential visitors. Companies that wish to promote themselves as modern and high-end will look to have an automated gate that echoes these values. The gate’s simplicity is almost as important as the physical structure itself, in this regard, so businesses will be looking for options that not only offer excellent value for money but longevity and simplicity, also.



This is one of the key factors when it comes to any automated gate purchasing decision and is often the factor that is most frequently questioned by clients. Will the automated gate work in all conditions? How long will its performance last and what maintenance will be required? Thankfully, quality automated swing gates will enable you to answer these questions with confidence.


Modern swing gates and automation systems are designed with reliability at their heart. A quality installation will ensure that the gate will remain in operation for many years with minimal maintenance, while failsafe systems such as manual override capabilities offer extra assurance to potential buyers.


Simple Installation

Often, new customers believe that getting an automated gate is an expensive option, limited to luxury houses and high-end businesses. However, the range of options now available can make automated swing gates excellent value for money.


Installing an automated swing gate does not mean having to lose the gate that is already in use. By using gate automation kits like those available at LinkCare, it is now easier than ever to transform manual entrances into a sleek, easy-to-use automatic system. This means that traditional home entrances can be kept, while businesses do not need to pay for a whole new structure before purchasing their new system.


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These are just some of the reasons why more people and businesses are now looking for automatic gate systems. If you are interested in offering these options to your customers, browse our range of affordable and reliable automated gate systems today!

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Florence Welch:
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It sure caught my attention when you said that one of the important benefits of having an automatic door or gate installed in your home is the ease of access because it allows you to enter your home smoothly without the hassle of physically opening up a door. I'm planning on having every access door in my home automated this coming weekend. This is to give ease and comfort to my mother who no longer can walk and is bound to a wheelchair. This would allow her to go to different rooms and spaces without having any problems. Thanks for telling me about the benefits of an automatic door!

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