How Remote-Control Gates Work

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Automated gates are becoming increasingly popular for both businesses and homes because of the reassurance and security they can offer. Meanwhile, automated gate systems can be installed with a large range of access control systems which control and monitor entrances in a range of different types and frequencies.


The Basics of Remote-Control Gates


Remote control gates are made from a collection of individual components that creates a new piece of machinery . The parts involved to make a remote-control gate include a motor to move the gate, a safety device which stops them causing any kind of damage or injury to someone, and a mechanism that responds to an open or close command from a transmitter.


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How do Electric Gates Open and Close?


When requesting a gate to open and close, the most common method is using a remote control, also known as a transmitter. Remote controls are often small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and open or close the gate at the push of a button.  The same remote control could also be used to open your garage door or  other automated entrance.


So, how does this open the gate?


The transmitter sends a signal to a receiver which passes that command to open or close the gate to the control panel. There are only two radio frequencies that are permitted for use for remote control gates in the UK, . These are 433MHz or 868MHz. The transmitter and receiver have to use the same frequency to be able to communicate with each other.


It’s also important to note that each remote may have a different coding system such as a fixed code or a rolling code, which means the codes have to match up with receiver for the command to be able to work. Electric gates always use electronic motors to move the gate, and they may operate an hydraulic system or an electromechanical system. The gate design will determine how it operates. Sliding gates run on wheels at the bottom of an entrance, they are driven by a static motor with a cog on its output shaft that meshes with a toothed rack running the length of the gate. Swing gates rotate around hinges located on gate pillars at the sides of an entrance and can use a variety of methods to ‘swing’ the gate open these could be hydraulic or electromechanical rams, underground motors or arm motors.


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Are Electric Gates Safe?


Electric gates are strong and can cause injury if they are not prevented from coming into contact with anything or anyone who isn’t expecting it.
However, there are many safety devices that can be included in an electric gate system. These include photocells which send a beam of invisible light from one to another. The pair of photocells are placed on either side of  a potential fdanger zone. When the gates are moving, anyone passing through the beam of light into the danger zone, breaks the beam and gates are instructed to stop moving.

Other physical safety features include safety edges that are added to the points on the gate that can come into contact with anyone who gets close to moving gates. The edges cushion the blow, and immediately send a signal to the gate control panel telling it to stop and reverse to prevent any further injury or damage.


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