What Is Gate Automation For?

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What is gate automation for


What exactly is gate automation for? Is it security, safety, convenience or just appearance?


Any gate automation installation provides a level of security for a property. The gates can be left closed and opened automatically to give access to certain people. Ideally, this means that only the right people get in and undesirables are kept out.


But what happens if a burglar or fire alarm goes off? Does one event cause the gates to close or stay shut, and the second cause the gates to open for evacuation and emergency vehicle access?


Similarly, if a vehicle belonging to someone with complete access is granted entry, how does the gate provide security against undesirables who are passengers in that car?


How can gates that moves slowly enough to be safe, stop a car tail-gating another onto your premises or a pedestrian walking through before they close? And how do you do you prevent the intrusion by someone who simply climbs over your gates?


Security levels can be increased with video intercoms that let you monitor who is at your gates trying to get in. Some access control systems even allow you to see who is visiting and to operate your gates from your mobile phone anywhere in the World where you have internet access.


Automatic gates do provide a level of security. Manual gates are often left open once the novelty of getting out of your car to open and close them wears off. But the idea that automatic gates are primarily providing security is not true.


Automatic gates give some level of security and a higher level of convenience. But one of the biggest advantages that is often overlooked is the additional safety provided by automatic gates.


There is so much talk about unsafe gates and the injuries that can be inflicted, that their safety function is often overlooked. Automatic gates help keep your family and pets safely behind closed gates. They help prevent them running out into roads to chase a ball, and they keep them out of view from passers-by or safely behind closed gates.


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