Design Your Own Gates Using Our Aluminium Gate Infill Panels

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Aluminium gates supplied from Linkcare through our Stargate sister company are renowned for how closely they mimic wooden gates but how strongly they resist corrosion. Consequently, Stargate's aluminium driveway gates make a fantastic substitute for existing wooden or iron gates that are showing rot or rust.


The construction of Stargate’s aluminium gates is similar to wooden gates in that extruded sections, much like timber lengths, are joined together to form the gate.

Recently we've been supplying a lot of gate manufacturers with just our aluminium wood-effect infill panels rather than complete aluminium gates.


These gate manufacturers are moving away from highly popular steel-framed wooden gates. But they're haven't stopped building gates in this style, they've just replaced the wood with Stargate aluminium infill panels. This gives their customers the same look but none of the problems with discolouration, flaking varnish and rot that comes with wood.


This has become incredibly popular and we now regularly supply just infill panels in specific lengths and colours for gate manufacturers to assemble their own gate designs. Our standard range of colours includes various wood-effect finishes plus a range of standard colours. Our special finishes include non-standard wood-effect and textured finishes.


There are a few samples below to show how versatile this process can be.


This is a pair of swing gates with Golden Oak infill panels in a steel frame.



Sliding gate designed to look like swing gates



Although there's a centre rail on this gate to make it look like a pair of swing gates, it's actually a single sliding gate.



Sliding driveway gate with swing gate design



This is another golden oak aluminium infill panel pair of swing gates but with a curved top this time.



Driveway gates with curved top and aluminium panels designed to look like wood.



This is a sliding gate with ornate iron framework and dark oak aluminium infill panels.



Iron-framed aluminium driveway gates



As they're made from aluminium with an incredibly long lasting outer coating, Stargate gates and infill panels are light, strong and don't rot like wood. Periodically wiping our aluminium gates down with a cloth keeps Stargate aluminium gates looking as good as new for years.



To find out more about Linkcare’s Stargate range of aluminium gates you can visit or call 01895 232 626.



5 Comment(s)

Tony Watson:
17/07/2019, 08:02:04 PM

please could you email me a brochure and price list for the aluminium infill panels.many thanks

Noel McIntyre:
09/09/2019, 07:24:57 PM

Can you please send me details and price for infill panels

Tony Watson:
18/08/2019, 08:17:22 AM

Can you tell me if the tongue and groove infill panels have a rubber gasket or some form of clip down the length of the groove , when the infills are fitted vertically , to stop the panels rattling in the middle, when fitted into the frame of the gate . Or is this not required and they merely just slot together? Many thanks for your help.

Harbansh Rana:
05/10/2019, 09:23:33 AM

Hallo there,I would like to make a aluminium gate with wooden effect fill panels

Eddie Marmion:
23/06/2020, 11:36:04 PM

Could you please send me on a brochure on the aluminium wood effect infills. It is something we are very interested in using for our gates if you can supply to trade also.

Simon Van lessen:
24/06/2020, 09:20:01 AM

Hi,Please call us on 0330 223 4800 or email with your details and we will be happy to discuss you requirements

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