How to Choose the Right Access Control for Your Gate

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With automated gates, access control systems are used in order to control them either remotely or from nearby. Choosing the correct system can depend on a variety of factors, such as security preferences and the number of people who will need frequent access to the premises. Access control systems can range from voice and video intercoms to keypads requiring codes, or proximity readers for cards and fobs. In this blog, we take a look at the different factors that should be considered when choosing an access control system. 



The first factor that should be considered is the number of people who will require regular access to the property. If a business that has clients arriving every day has an automated gate system, an intercom system may be precisely what’s needed. Visitors can push a button to contact those inside the building who can then grant access through the gate. For an automated gate system at home, using a transmitter allows the homeowner to open and close the gates by simply pressing a button on the key fob transmitter they carry with them. However, access control intercoms may also be needed to allow controlled visitor access. 



The level of protection required will also have an effect on which access control system is most suitable. If the gates control access to a high-security building, it is essential to control those who enter; a video intercom system allows the person in the building to see who is at the gate. The visitor can push a button to call the intercom inside the building. Once the identity of the visitor is confirmed, the workers in the building can choose to let them in or keep the gate closed. If the automated gates are for a home or a company requiring less security, we would suggest a keypad system to control access. Here, the gate will only open if the visitor enters the right code on the keypad. Alternatively, a proximity system could be used; these require proximity cards or fobs to be held against them before access is granted, so only those with cards or fobs can get in.


Frequency of Use

How frequently the gates are used will also change which access control system is most suitable. If regular access to the property is required, then a quick and straightforward method would be appropriate, such as a vehicle detection system. There are systems that can automatically detect an authorised vehicle and open the gate, by RFID, radio Bluetooth or ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition). Furthermore, free exit can also be achieved with these or with sensors fitted further up the drive such as loops in the ground, or our VMD202 vehicle detector. Additionally, a GSM system could also be used. It is not that far removed from any other intercom system, other than it uses mobile phones instead of handsets and can be used anywhere in the world where there’s a mobile signal.



Automated gates are a brilliant addition to any property as they can add security, increase the value of the premises, improve the overall aesthetics, and of course, they can upsurge privacy. For more information on how automated gates increase security and privacy, take a look at our previous blog. To make the most out of an automatic gate, it is essential to use the most suitable access control system. To make the appropriate decision, the above factors should be taken into account. 


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