Why Aluminium Gates Are The Best Choice

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Why aluminium gates are the best choice


Why Aluminium Gates Are The Best Choice For Your Home

Deciding on the right automated gate system for a property can be a challenge, and a large part of this comes down to the choice of the gates themselves. There are many important considerations including how the gates look when they’re new, what they’ll look like when they’ve been in place for some time, and of course the cost.

The first decision is always the choice of either sliding or swing gates. Then there are many options for the actual automation system, which your gate installer will help you with. Getting the best quality automation system and the most qualified installer for your budget are very important. But the gates themselves are the most visible part of any automated gate system and this is where your personal choice should not be compromised.

So do you have to go for gates that look beautiful today but will be suffering from weathering, fading and even rot or rust a few months or years down the line?

Or is there an alternative?

Classic, moder and contemporary aluminium gatesAt Linkcare, we’ve developed a wide range of classic, modern and contemporary styled aluminium gates to suit any properties type and character. These aluminium gates are proving to be incredibly popular because they look like wooden, iron or steel gates (depending on the style chosen). But just as importantly, they do not suffer from the ageing and weathering of these more traditional gate materials.


What do aluminium gates look like?

Aluminium gates are made from shaped extrusions of light, strong aluminium with a tough bonded surface coating in any colour or wide range of wood effect finishes.  This means that they can be made to look like traditional wooden driveway gates, ornate wrought iron gates, any modern design and even five-bar gates!


How long will aluminium gates last?

Wooden gates are undoubtedly beautiful when first installed, but a lot of work is required to keep them looking that good. Paint flakes off, colours fade, the gates change shape as they absorb water and dry out, and eventually, they will crack and start to rot. Similarly, iron gates rust and this rust has to be removed before treating the surface with rust inhibitors and then re-painting.

Aluminium gates do not rust like iron gates and they do not rot like wooden gates. The coating that gives aluminium gates their colour or wood-effect finish is also a protective layer so strong that we give a 10-year guarantee on all our gates’ surface finish. We also give a five year guarantee on the structure of all our gates.


How much do aluminium gates cost?

Aluminium drtiveway swing gates

Aluminium is the perfect long-lived alternative to wooden or iron or steel gates but does that make it more expensive? There may be a slight difference is the cost of new gates but this is outweighed over the life of your new gates. While other gates will need regular maintenance (that costs money!) aluminium gates will stay looking as good as new with an occasional wipe with a damp cloth simply to remove any surface dirt.


Strong and safe aluminium gates

Hardwood gates are heavy and become even heavier when it rains and through damp winter months, when they soak up water. Steel and iron gates can be very heavy but they’re also very strong.

Gates made from aluminium are much lighter than wooden and steel gates of the same size, but are also very strong. As they are so much lighter, aluminium gates require less force from the gate motors used to open and close them. Consequently, automated aluminium gate systems are safer and more energy-efficient than the alternatives.


If you are looking for new gates and want the beauty of wood or the style of wrought iron gates, aluminium gates are the perfect alternative with none of the downsides. Find out how you can have the gates you always wanted and save money, time and effort by choosing Linkcare’s aluminium gates. 


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Rhianna Hawk:
24/10/2018, 03:31:19 PM

My husband and I are considering getting a metal front driveway gate for our new home. The entrance to our driveway is a long road that not everyone realizes leads to private property, and it's good to know that aluminum is resistant to weather while still being lighter than other metals often used for gates. I can definitely see how using lighter metals would put less strain on the motor, as well, and I'll be sure to look into aluminum as the metal of choice for our property.

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