Aluminium Cantilever Gate From Swing Gates

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Cantilever gate from sliding gate


Stargate Aluminium gates are not only the best solution to replace wooden gates but they also provide a wide range of configuration options.


Everyone knows that wooden gates suffer from weathering and will eventually rot no matter how much they’re treated. Aluminium gates that are designed to look like wooden gates provide the perfect alternative as they don’t need any maintenance apart from an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.


But are there the same layout options available in aluminium gates?


Here’s a breakdown of the various aluminium gate designs available from Stargates.


Aluminium swing gatesStandard Swing and Sliding Aluminium Gates


Aluminium sliding gateThe most common layouts are standard swing gates and sliding gate. These can both be easily automated and come in a wide range of styles and colour options.


Both types of gates can be closed boarded, partially boarded or open boarded and infill can be vertical, horizontal or 45 degrees.


Ranges include Classic, Contemporary, Design and Modern. They are supplied with a tough protective layer that can we in a wood-effect finish or any RAL colour. Wood finishes include Golden Oak,


Dark Oak and Light Oak, Light Nut and Walnut. We also now provide a range of textured finishes and can provide custom wood finishes if required.


Wood effect sliding aluminium gate

Sliding Gates From Two Swing Gates


We also sell a lot of sliding gates that are made from two swing gates joined together.


From a casual glance, these look exactly like swing gates but they simply slide to one side rather than swinging into the driveway to open. 


Cantilever gate

Cantilever Aluminium Gates


We’ve recently supplied customers who have utilised our sliding gates in a cantilever gate set-up.


With a frame they developed themselves, our aluminium sliding gate was modified into a cantilever gate. This has significant benefits over standard cantilever gates as the aluminium used weighs so little.



Infill Panels For Custom-Built Gates


For gate manufacturers who want to build their own gates without the issues faced with wood, we also now supply just the infill panels our finished gates are made from. This allows our customers to custom-build their own gates in long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free aluminium. These panels can be finished in any colour or our range of wood-effect finishes and cut to the required lengths.


To find out more about the wide range of possibilities available with Stargate Aluminium Gates, contact Linkcare now on 01895 232 626 or email with details of your requirements.

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