Everything You Need To Know About Access Control For Your Automatic Driveway Gates

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Everything You Need To Know About Access Control For Your Automatic Driveway Gates

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Modern gate access controls allow you to grant access to some visitors while keeping others outside your property.


In this article, we’ll discuss what access control systems are, how they work, and what types of access control systems could be a good fit for your property.


Sliding driveway gate with keypad for egress



What Is Access Control For Automated Gates?


Access control systems for automated gates allow you to communicate with your visitor to identify them, or for the system to authenticate their identity.


Common access control systems can incorporate keypads, card readers, and intercoms, while more advanced systems use biometrics to identify individuals.


Installing an access control system is a simple and cost-effective way to track and remotely control who can come through your automatic gates.


If you want to increase your home or business security as effectively and efficiently as possible, it's important to consider which access control system is right for you.






How Do Gate Access Control Systems Work?


Some access control systems have different methods of operation, each relying on unique technologies to verify the identity of individuals and automate the opening of gates. 


Some of the ways Access Control Systems Operate:

  • Audible alert: Many access systems incorporate a simple push button at the gate that sounds a bell or buzzer inside the property. to request access. 
  • Identification and verification: Your access control system could utilise a PIN code, facial recognition, biometric sensor, or proximity sensor and key cards or fobs to recognise authorised visitors. 
  • Audio communication: Audio-only intercom systems allow two-way communication between caller and responder.
  • Audio and video communication: Video intercom systems allow you to see and hear who is at your gate.


What are the different types of automated gate access control systems?



access control keypad

If you're considering fitting an access control system, it's valuable to know how they all operate.


Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to choose the best access control for your needs. Here is a breakdown of the most installed access control systems:




Most people are familiar with keypads; ten-digit numerical keypads mounted outside the gates. Each authorised visitor has a private number that they enter on the keypad to gain access.


When using a keypad, users input a designated code or PIN, which is checked against the database to see if the PIN is valid. If the PIN code is correct, the security system opens the gate or door.


Keypads are a popular choice for access control as they are relatively simple to install and use. They can be used in conjunction with other security measures, such as CCTV cameras, to increase the security of your premises.


However, those who have codes must be careful to keep them private or they can be used by anyone who has seen them.


AES 705 video

Gate Intercom Systems


Intercoms are gate access control systems that allow two-way communication between visitors at the gate and anyone who controls the gates. The call unit at the gate and the receiver unit inside the property can be wired together or connected using various wireless communication technologies.


A visitor calls from the call unit outside the gate by pressing the call button. This alerts those inside the house and they initiate communication with the call unit from their receiver unit. The receiver can be wall mounted, a desk or wireless unit or even a mobile phone or tablet using an app. 


Audio intercoms allow visitors and homeowners to speak to each other while video intercoms allow the homeowners to see their visitors as well.

BPT VRPPWV3  3 Way VR Proximity



Proximity Readers


Proximity readers are programmed to instruct an automatic gate to open only when an authorised key fob or key card is brought close to the reader. 


Cards and fobs are added to or removed from the proximity reader memory to control who has access.


Some proximity reader systems are managed on site while others can be programmed and monitored over the internet


Vehicle Detection


ANPR is not vehicle detection, it's vehicle recognition. Vehicle detection is used with automatic gates but for egress rather than access control.






Some Of The Many Benefits Of Installing Gate Access Control Systems Are:

  • Using GSM intercoms you can control access to your property from anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet as long as you have a mobile signal.
  • You don't have to go to your gates and speak to your visitor face-to-face.
  • They give you greater control over who gets in through your gate.

AES 4G PRIME intercomsWhy Come To Us For All Of Your Access Control Needs?


At LinkCare, we are experts in gate access control technology. With years of experience working with access control for doors and gates in domestic and commercial buildings, we can help you choose the right access control for your needs.


We can design advanced gate access control for your automatic gate or door.


Whether you are looking for key fobs, intercoms, or management software to help you monitor visitors to your facility, we can help.


If you're interested in finding out more about our access control.

call us today on 0185 232 626 to find out more.

18 Comment(s)

07/09/2022, 07:23:59 AM

Audio intercoms allow visitors and homeowners to speak to each other while video intercoms allow the homeowners to see their visitors as well.

15/09/2022, 01:15:48 AM

I'm planning to switch to automated gates and everything i need to know is here. The composition of this article is precise and very informative!

26/09/2022, 04:05:56 PM, www.easycleancommercial.co.uk/derby

This is a very informative article and really helped me understand more of the pros of gate automation.


When it comes to security solutions to your home or business, there is nothing more durable than automatic gates. Almost all automatic driveway gates are manufactured to be customisable to your property and with durable material to withstand the environment and the elements.

Amber Brion:
14/10/2022, 07:18:20 AM

After reading this article I'm considering using automated gates.

Amanda David:
14/10/2022, 02:36:45 PM

Been thinking about automated gate access for my business especially in our offices and sites. Glad I am able to read this article and know the differences.

18/10/2022, 12:07:13 PM

I would love to have this installed in my house, but its just very expensive when household bills have increased so much this year.

26/10/2022, 02:59:18 AM

I'd love to have this installed in my home, but it's very pricey. I'll buy it eventually, but not right now.

14/11/2022, 02:31:37 PM

This alerts those inside the house and they initiate communication with the call unit from their receiver unit.

15/11/2022, 09:55:01 AM

Been thinking about this lately for my new home renovation.

19/11/2022, 10:49:46 PM

Automated access for gates and doors is an interesting innovation. I would only be worried about these systems being hacked.

21/11/2022, 03:49:24 AM

We are wondering how we'd be able to innovate this kind of technology in our line of business. This would be very interesting.

Hardwood Floor Restoration:
21/11/2022, 02:04:09 PM

This is a great blog! Thanks for sharing this one.

Horea Kaii:
21/11/2022, 02:10:29 PM

I like the technology you have innovated and made for this gate. This assures the security of one's home.

23/11/2022, 01:27:47 AM

This alerts those within the house, and they use their receiver unit to contact the call unit.

Juan Ramon Torresano:
23/11/2022, 11:49:30 AM

Awesome! This alerts individuals present, who use their receiver unit to contact the call unit.

25/11/2022, 02:44:04 PM

This is great, gives me everything I need to know about automatic driveway gates.

21/02/2023, 12:37:29 PM

There are cool innovations and this will surely be one of the very helpful to everyone.

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