How To Use Your Mobile Phone As An Intercom

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Using your phone as a gate intercom


Communication technology has ensured the importance of the Mobile phone and tablet in our lives today. There doesn’t seem to be much they can’t do and there’s an app for everything.

So why not use mobile phones as part of the intercom system that allows electric gate owners to see who is visiting them and to open and close their gates?  With a GSM, wireless intercom system, you can do all this and more from your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world*.


Mobile-Compatible Gate Automation Access Controllers

If you are looking for gate automation access controllers that you can use in conjunction with your mobile phone, Intratone’s access control receiver system enables automated gates to be operated locally with 868 Mhz transmitters, and from anywhere in the world with mobile phones*.

The mobile phone acts as both gate opener and closer, and as a mobile video screen and audio interface that allows you to see and talk to visitors. Now, a homeowner can be on the beach in Bermuda and talk to a visitor at their gates in the UK as though they were watching TV on their sofa at home.


Access Control System Management From Anywhere

Intratone’s on-line management system also allows you to see which radio transmitters are used to operate your gates and when. It can also be used to set up automatic gates to remain open at certain times and closed at others.  

This web interface also provides a fast, simple solution if a remote transmitter is lost. Ideally, the missing transmitter should be prevented from operating the gates as quickly as possible in case it has fallen into the wrong hands.

With gate automation systems using just radio transmitters, the process requires a gate automation engineer to visit the site and replace any items that will prevent the gate automation system from working with the missing transmitter. This can take some time to arrange, is time consuming on site and costs money.


With Intratone’s on-line management system, any lost transmitters is prevented from working in just a few minutes. New transmitters can also be added on-line from anywhere with Internet access and all changes take effect immediately.

After the initial purchase, tere are no additional costs because the Intratone system is supplied by Linkcare with ten years’ of mobile GSM communications.  The system also incorporates a programmable time clock and on-line event log so you can schedule and monitor the actions of your automatic gates.

Each Intratone receiver will control two access control systems which will each allow up to 10,000 remote controls or mobile numbers with names and addresses to be registered.


Contact Linkcare today to find out more about using your mobile phones to control your automatic gates.


*Requires mobile data signal.

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