Why it’s so Important for Gates to Look Good

Posted by Steve Jones 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Aluminium Gates,

Good looking gates made of aluminium

First impressions count.


One of the most important thing for any gate owner is that their gates look good, are clean and well maintained so they make a good first impression.  Anyone that has wooden or iron gates knows that the gate maintenance regime of sanding, painting, treating rust or replacing broken panels is year round.


So perhaps this is a time to take a look at an alternative - aluminium gates.


Aluminium gates are designed to mimic natural wooden gates and can be designed into something unique and more of a personal statement.  There is a wide range of colours, textures and styles that will suit every house. 


The Stargate range of aluminium gates from Linkcare has a tough coating that is guaranteed for ten years.  The structural guarantee is for five years. 


Aluminium gates can provide a cost saving as there are no annual maintenance costs.


Aluminium also suits automation really well because it’s lightweight. Gate motors don’t have to be as strong as those required to move similarly-sized heavier gates.


Wooden gate problemsWooden gates in particular absorb water so they shrink and expand as they dry out and get wet. This leads to warping and cracking which affects any paint or varnish coatings. 


Wooden gates also change weight, as they get heavier when they’ve soaked up water. This means that your gate automation has to work harder through the winter months. This is also when winds are stronger and pushing harder on moving gates.


For anyone who wants to make a good first impression for more than the first few months of their new gate installation, aluminium is the best choice. It will keep that fresh, smart look for years with only a wipe with a wet cloth once in a while.