Barrier Choices Made Simple

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Barrier choices simplified


Although Linkcare may be best known for gate automation kits, motors, parts and accessories, we also offer a range of barriers for vehicular access control to commercial and industrial sites. We provide barriers manufactured by Nice, Beninca, Faac, Fadini, Came, Genius, Elka and V2 that range in size from 2m up to 12m and include barriers for low to intensive use.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for complete barrier kits, replacement barrier arms, skirts and lights, control units or mounting components, Linkcare can supply what you need.


Industrial and Commercial Barriers


Industrial and commercial barriers

Barrier locks

Barriers tend to be classified for commercial or industrial use depending on the arm size and motor rating. Longer arms and stronger motors, designed for higher working cycles, are more suited to industrial use at access points to factories, depots and distribution centres. 

These will be large enough to allow trucks and articulated lorries to pass through when opened.


Smaller barriers are more suited for sites where cars and vans are the largest vehicles accessing the site and are more commonly used in car parks, offices and shopping centres. Motors used in these barriers may still be suitable for high work cycles but are operating smaller barrier arms and don’t need to be as powerful as industrial barrier motors.


Common damage to barriers occurs when vehicles hit and damage barrier arms. This can be severe enough to cause damage to the barrier motor and housing itself but is usually limited to damage to the arm. Linkcare has a wide range of barrier arms available for rapid despatch to get the barrier working again.


Barrier Parts and Accessories


Barrier with skirt

BArrier spring

Linkcare supplies a wide range of parts and accessories for commercial and industrial barriers including square, round and oval section barrier arms. We also regularly supply parts for all the leading manufacturers’ barriers. These include barrier skirts that mount below and sometimes above the barrier arm, lights and reflective stickers for drawing attention to barrier arms, mounting brackets, replacement control panels, and barrier components including springs. We also stock additional safety and security parts including safety photocells and barrier locks.


As well as offering standard barrier kits, we also supply rapid barriers that open in less than a second, stainless steel units, articulated barriers and arm supports. 


If you can’t find the right parts or accessories in our online range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Linkcare. Our expert team is on hand to assist with all of your automated gate and barrier needs.

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