5 Benefits of Bi-Parting Sliding Gates

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When choosing the type of electric gates most suited to your unique needs, it’s important to consider the space you have and how you will use your gates. Bi-Parting gates are similar to a standard sliding gate but can be used in different applications where physical factors prevent the use of a full-length gate. Here we will take a look at the differences and benefits of a bi-parting automated gate to a full sliding or swing gate system.


What are Bi-Parting Gates?

Bi-Parting gates work on a similar system to a full-length sliding gate, and a standard gate as they both use a track or cantilever system. Your choice is determined by factors including unevenness of the ground, rising driveways, speed of operation and aesthetics. For Both types of sliding gates, motors pull the gates open and push them closed on wheels that run along a track across the driveway entrance. Cantilever gates do away with the need for track and wheels. The difference is a bi-parting gate opens from the middle, rather than one side, meaning that space needed to slide the gates back into is almost halved. Another option is a telescopic sliding gate system. This type of gate opens from one side, and splits into two or three sections which overlap themselves when opening. A telescopic sliding system that is split into two sections, will need just over half the space for the equivalent single slider, and one split into three will need just over a third of the space. The application of this is useful where there is limited space on a single side of the entrance.


Increased Security

The installation of any automated gate system greatly improves the security of your property. For more detail, read our blog on Why a Remote Control Gate is a Great Home Investment.  However, a sliding gate is yet more secure as it is harder to force open than a swing gate. Automated gate systems with a commercial application may benefit the most from this.


Terrain Difficulties

Uneven surfaces and inclines can usually be negotiated much more comfortably with a sliding gate system. For example, swing gates would get stuck opening on a rising driveway. A cantilever system can make things even easier, as there are no tracks along the ground, so rough terrain is less of an issue, however, it is still important to ensure that sliding gates don’t have to operate on a slope. 


Faster Access

Swing gates are often quicker than a sliding gate. When compared to a full sliding gate spanning the same driveway, bi-parting gates have to move half the distance and therefore open faster. This can be useful where frequent access is required, or where reduced opening and closing times are necessary for security reasons.


Space and Span

For a vast entrance, bi-parting gates may be the most sensible and efficient option. It may be that the entrance in which the gate is planned has limited space along the boundary, or there are unavoidable obstructions such walls or trees. As bi-parting gates are smaller in length, this can significantly reduce the space required on either side that the gates need to move into when opening.



Sliding gate motors are generally more efficient than those on a swing gate. For example, the mechanical arm a swing gate uses to open is usually attached close to the hinges, rather than the opening edge of the gate. Subsequently, more power will be needed to open the gate.



While a bi-parting gate will be offered as a solution to many of the points mentioned above, there are one or two disadvantages. For sliding gates on a track system, it is essential to perform regular cleaning to ensure the tracks aren’t blocked with stones and leaves. If you choose a cantilever sliding gate, the mechanics are slightly more complex, meaning potentially higher installation and servicing costs.


There are still many good reasons to install a sliding or bi-parting automated gate system. At Linkcare, we offer a wide range of sliding gate kits, from quality brands. For more information, browse our website and for any more information on automated gates, check out some more of our blog.


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