Replace Transmitters Without Visiting Your Customer's Site

Replacing Customers’ Gate Automation Remotes Without The Hassle

Replacing gate remotes can be a pain. There’s a security risk with missing remotes unless you start from scratch with new codes. And you usually have to visit your customer’s site to program in new remotes.

But there’s a receiver that allows you to update everything from in front of your computer via an on-line management system.

The EEN REC3 receiver from Intratone uses GSM (mobile phone) communication technology to securely upload, download and store on-line transmitter codes and transmitter activity. By replacing a standard receiver with the Intratone receiver, you immediately gain the following benefits:

  • Intratone remotes can be set up from your computer
  • You can add or remove transmitters almost immediately on-line
  • All records are stored securely on-line
  • Event-logging is stored securely on-line
  • Your customers can operate their gate with radio remotes locally and their smartphones from anywhere in the World
  • All gate activations are recorded on-line
  • Gate operation can be controlled by you on-line
  • Each transmitter has its identity engraved on the casing
  • You can easily record which transmitter is being used by which person or flat
  •  You don’t have to visit the site to do any of the above

The use of GSM communication also means that your customers could do any of the following:

  • Open gates during the day and close your gates at night from anywhere in the World
  • Open and close gates whenever they want while they’re away from home
  • Answer a phone call from someone visiting their house or flat, and open the gates for them using the Intratone app on their phone
  • Open or close gates from inside their home with their phone, even if the driveway is too long for the remotes to work

The technology is tested, the hardware is reliable and the price is discounted right now.

But, if you have customers with gate automation systems you’ve installed in the past, each one of them could benefit from this technology. And you could significantly benefit from the simplicity of transmitter management.

Right now, we’re offering the Intratone system to our trade installer customers only at £125! Giving you a saving of £210. And this heavily discounted price also includes a ten-year mobile data plan.

This means you get the whole system for less than half its usual price and no-one has to pay for any mobile calls to the system for ten years. So now’s the time to buy as many of these great systems as you can. We’ll have to put the price back up to its regular level soon.

Don’t forget that you need to log into your Linkcare trade account on our website to see the trade price that only you have access to. Anyone not registered for a trade account can only buy from us at the full retail price.

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