Beninca Gate Automation

Beninca Gate Automation
Beninca Gate Automation From Linkcare

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Beninca is an Italian manufacturer of Gate Automation, Barriers, Access Control, Bollards and Garage and commercial Door Automation. The company is a leading manufacturer of gate automation kits, gate motors, parts and accessories for swing and sliding gate automation.

Beninca Gate Automation

Beninca swing gate automation motors include the Bill ram gate motors, the Bob linear screw gate motors and the Premier and Ben articulated arm gate motors.

Underground gate motors include the DU.350 and DU.IT.

Beninca sliding gate automation is provided by Beninca's Bull and heavy duty Bison gate motors.

Beninca Gate remotes

The beninca range of gate automation remote controls includes the 2 and 4 button TO.GO range plus the Apple, and IO. All Beninca transmitters are 433MHz and rolling code gate remotes.

Beninca Barriers

Beninca's barriers include the 24V Eva, Lady and VE ranges of intensive use road barriers.

Beninca Garage Door Automation

The entire range of Beninca's 24V JIM garage door automation kits include the motor, pre-assembled track and remote control transmitters.

Beninca Bollards

The Vigilant Rise bollards provide high security vehicular access control.

Benica's Full Range of Gate Automation And Access Control

Benica's comprehensive range of kits, parts, motors and accessories includes traffic lights, gate automation control panels, solar power automation, safety photocells, loop detectors, gate locks, access control, safety edges and gate automation hardware for swing, sliding and cantilever gates.

Beninca and Linkcare gate Automation

Beninca Gate Automation, Barriers, Access Control, Bollards, and Garage and commercial Door Automation are supplied in the UK by Linkcare.