Do Fast Gate Motors Make A Difference?

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Do fast gate motors make a difference


As technological advances allow manufacturers to add improvements to their gate motors, homeowners reap the benefits. But is it worth the additional purchase cost?

So, which of these features is worth considering for a new gate automation system? After all, new technology has to be paid for and newer, higher spec systems are always more expensive.

The safe operation of all gate automation is one of the highest priorities for a qualified engineer and should never be scrimped on. But is the added expense of a faster motor worth considering and does it make a dramatic difference to the homeowner?

The perfect example of new fast versions of gate motors added to a manufacturer’s range is Nice’s HS operators. There is now a 24V HS (high speed) version of the following Nice gate motors for swing and sliding gates:


Swing gates

  • Hyke articulated arm for gate leaves up to 3m
  • Wingo ram for gates up to 3m
  • M-Fab underground for gate leaves up to 3m
  • Toona 24V ram for gates up to 5m
  • Toona 24V ram for gates up to 6m


Sliding gates

  • Robus for sliding gates up to 500Kg
  • RUN for sliding gates up to 400Kg
  • RUN for sliding gates up to 1200Kg


So how do Nice’s figures for the new high speed versions compare with the regular speed equivalent motors? And what do these differences add up to in the real world?


24 Vdc Gate Motor

Motor Speed


High Speed Version

Standard Version

Hyke articulated arm



M-Fab underground



Wingo ram



Toona 24V ram for gates up to 5m



Toona 24V ram for gates up to 6m



Robus for sliding gates up to 500Kg



RUN for sliding gates up to 400Kg



RUN for sliding gates up to 1200Kg




This table starts to show that, while the faster motors are faster, there are a few complications including:

  • Some standard motors are capable of operating slightly larger or heavier gates than their high-speed versions.
  • Some have their speeds quoted in different units.
  • One of the new high speed motors doesn’t have an equivalent in that range so the speed of a comparable motor from a different range has been quoted.
  • The speeds quoted for the standard motors are all the highest possible. Some of these motors have variants with lower speeds.

In the real world, although the high-speed versions are more expensive, the benefits are substantial. For anyone who has ever sat in their car drumming their fingers on the steering wheel as their gate trundled open, high speed motors make a significant difference.

It’s obviously down to the individual to weigh up the value of speed benefits against increased costs. But if you use your gates regularly, the extra money is worth considering very strongly.

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