What Are Some Of Our Most Popular Gate Automation Motors?

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What Are Some Of Our Most Popular Gate Automation Motors?


Every day, we provide a wide range of gate automation and access control kits, motors, spare parts and accessories to the UK’s installers. We sell swing gate kits, sliding gate kits, underground motors and housings, replacement remotes, safety equipment, Wi-Fi intercoms, loop detectors and much, much more. So, we’re in the perfect position to tell you what is popular, reliable and priced well based on our sales figures and customer feedback.


Nice Gate Automation

One of the industry’s leading brands is Nice. We’ve worked with the Italian manufacturer since the early 1990s and have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing installation and troubleshooting advice and support.

Currently, two of the most popular systems we sell from the Nice range are the Toona swing gate rams and Robus sliding gate automation.


Nice Toona Swing Gate Automation and Nice Robus Sliding Gate Automation

Both the Nice Toona Swing Gate Automation and Robus Sliding Gate Automation motors are housed in stylish and robust casings. They are both capable of heavy duty operation with the Toona versions operating gates from 3m up to 7m long and the Robus handling gates weighing up to 1000Kg. The Robus range can also easily be paired to operate bi-parting sliding gates.

The 24Vdc models from both ranges are all inherently safe thanks to encoders and in-built obstacle detection. Both ranges also come with inputs for up to two 8.2KOhm safety edges and use numbered manual release keys

Programming any Nice system via the optional O-View programming unit is all in English and basic functions are easily programmed without an O-View.


High Speed Robus and Toona

The new Toona high speed HS versions operate at incredible speeds and will open swing gates ninety degrees in just over 15 seconds. The high speed Robus versions slide gates open and closed at up to 44cm/second which is over a third faster than standard versions.


Check For Special Offers

There are regular special offers on selected models from the complete Nice range of swing and sliding gate automation. Call us on 01895 232 626 or check the Linkcare.net website regularly to find out what we currently have on offer from the Nice range.

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